Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 for Tuesday--Everything Emma

Everything Emma Version

Preschool Picture from 2007

E--Emma World.  Emma loves to play and create her own world within her imagination.  She often gets "Lost" in there and has to be physically touched to pull her back to the real world.  When she was in preschool her teacher called it "Emma World" and it stuck.
 Patty Cake Preschool Lamar, CO
When "Emma World" was born

M--Merry little girl.  She is super happy most of the time and smiles often.  Friends are drawn to her fun loving personality.
She got super excited when she saw Ariel's Grotto Restaurant.  
(they didn't know we already had reservations for the next day)

M--Make believe.  Emma loves to dress up and pretend she is someone else.  When she is in character she won't answer to her own name but insists on being referred to as the name she chooses for that day.  
Playing super heroes with Q and Ally

A--Ariel's Best Friend.  When we met Ariel at Disneyland, Emma was a little hesitant to talk to her.
This is her timid side

Then breakfast ended and she realized Ariel had not signed her autograph book.  The waitress said we could come back for lunch to get the signature.  A few hours later when we came back, Emma knew it was her last chance to really talk to her so she made the most of it. Here is a sample of the conversation:  

Emma "I am your biggest fan!"  

Ariel  "I am YOUR biggest fan!  We should be best friends!" 

Emma "Ok!  Did you hear that mom?"  (huge hug!)  

So that is how Emma became Ariel's best friend.  Oh and she reminds us all the time. 
 Her BFF!

H--Helpful little girl.  Emma always wants to help me no matter what I am doing.  Cooking, cleaning, changing Clark, etc.  She is super excited to be doing whatever it is I am involved with.  
With Great Grandma Smith

A--All ready to read.  Emma is learning to read quite quickly, but her perfectionism is blocking her way.  She thinks she has to know every word for her to be "reading" so when we tell her to read a book she will still say she doesn't know how to read.  In reality she knows all but 3 or 4 words in the book.  

N-- Naughty nature.  Emma has quite the naughty streak!  She spends a lot of time by herself because she enjoys the alone time.  When it gets quiet is a signal that she is getting into something she should not be.  Most of the time it is harmless and would have been fine if she had asked first, but for some reason she hasn't quite gotten that concept down and still tries to be sneaky.  
Getting into some mischief with Ila
S-- Silly and sweet!  Count on Emma to be the life of the party, as long as there are no strangers in the mix.  When she is in her comfort zone she is super silly and fun to be around.  She says some of the funniest things I have ever heard come out of a kids mouth too.  I love my sweet little Em!
At Disneyland it was taking too long for us to get to the rides and she had no patience for it!

E-- Excitement!  No matter what is going on. Emma is excited about it!  Dance day--Hooray!  Grocery store--Oh boy!  Play with friends--Try to contain the joy!  She gets overly enthused about EVERYTHING!  I love it! It always adds a bright spot to our day.  
Playing outside

N--Never a dull moment when Emma is around.  She is our quiet little one who shrinks in crowds and disappears when you least expect it, but she brings life to the most random moments and I love having her in our family.  She is a little ray of sunshine in my day and I love spending time with her.  
On the airplane

Yup.  10.  I named my children well.  

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