Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafting with my Sistahs

There is a store in SLC that has made our "must list" whenever we go to Utah. Other items on that list include •Smith's House
•Grandma Nae & other Hansen Aunts
•A restaurant unknown in Idaho
And now •The Wood Connection

The craft possibilities are endless! The wood is all unfinished. I bought a few things for Gertie while I was there so we decided to get together to finish all our fun projects.

Late nights+Smith girls= lots of laughs

Sam was there to join in the fun and at 3:30 Gertie kicked me out. A few hours this morning and TaDa! Fun crafts for everyone!

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I always have great intentions for fun holiday treats and decorations. I remember my mom having special meals for us on holidays and I loved it. Unfortunately it never seems to come together. Not enough time or money to get it all together the way I want it. This year though I really impressed even myself. I think the beautiful new table motivated me. Also, I borrowed a tablecloth from a friend so I kept the spending to a minimum.

Ryan started the day with hot pink French Toast. A little too much red food coloring but it looked cool. We gave them all Krabby Patties on a Stick for their Valentines from us. It's usually chocolates but they don't always eat them and let's face it, I buy the cheap stuff so it does not taste great. Krabby Patties are always a hit on Halloween so I figured it would be great. And they were a hit! Clark ate his for breakfast.

For lunch I went and got Sushi, dumplings and sparkling apple cider at Fred Meyer. I put it on fancy dishes (which is code for not plastic) and set the table cute for our Valentines meal. Ryan brought me beautiful flowers when he got home. Lunch was delicious as always. Clark enjoyed his happy meal at the other end of the table.

Clark helped me make pink lemonade cupcakes. While they were baking we took his friends some valentines. They live across the street from us. I realized too late that I had locked us out of the house though. Luckily the back door was unlocked, which is strange because it never is, but I am grateful someone had opened it earlier or there would have been burnt cupcakes and maybe worse!

We got to spend Valentines Day with Luke's class of 1st graders. We decorated cookies, played games and made valentines for our moms.

After school I sent the kids downstairs while I frosted and decorated the cupcakes, made cheesy potatoes and set the table. I just had time to throw them in the oven on my way out the door to work.

Dinner was crazy busy at work, of course but it made time FLY and I was home by 9:30. Had to stop and pick up Rys favorite treat on the way home...Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard from DQ.

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