Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sounding Smart - A Tale from the Education Trenches

Hey. This is Ry.

You need a laugh. Admit it. Allow me to provide it.

While I was grabbing some info from the art teacher, one of my yearbook girls in his class called me over to quickly proofread her English essay and give her some suggestions. I did and handed the paper back. The girl handed me another paper with a list of words.

“I have a list here of words I want to use on this paper. I want to my teacher to think I’m smart. I want to put these words in.”

Apparently, she had gone through the dictionary and chosen random words to help her seem "smart."

I glanced down at the list and went over her “smart words.” They were complete with definitions so she knew how to use them correctly.

1. Impractical – unrealistic

2. Lunatics – psyschopaths (sic)

3. Menace – danger or threat.

It was number four that made me laugh out loud.

4. Menopause – change in life.

“Wait. What is menopause doing on the list? Is the character going through menopause?”

“No, Mr. Hansen! It means ‘change of life.’ Like, ‘Eli was going through a menopause when his family all died.’”

“Uh, I don’t think that’s what that means. Menopause is when a woman …” I stammered. I really didn’t want to finish that sentence.

Luckily, her friend next to her, sensing my awkward pause, whispered the true definition.

“Wait. What?” she asked.

Her friend clarified. The student’s eyes grew wide and she turned bright red.

“Yup, don’t use that word if you want to sound smart,” I laughed.

Awww, education. It happens in so many ways.

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