Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Do I LOVE Thee...

Let me count the ways.  For my love post I thought I would combine it with my 10-4 Tuesday and tell you about how much I love my wonderful sweetheart.  

Self portrait of US

R-  Righteous and spiritual.  Ryan knows the scriptures inside and out.  He can remember where a reference is like no one else I know.  He teaches Sunday School and I love listening to his lessons.  He is super insightful and uses the spirit to help him teach.  He is a great example of what a priesthood holder should be.  He takes this role very seriously.  I am so blessed to have that in our home.
Luke and Ryan (I think Luke was 2)

Y- You never wonder where you stand with Ryan.  He is forthcoming with his thoughts and his feelings.  If he has a problem, you bet he will let you know.  It works both ways.  He has strong opinions and he is not afraid to share them with anyone who cares to hear.  I love this about him because I am the same way.  We have some pretty interesting "discussions" because of it, but I would not change that for anything.  He keeps me thinking and I love that.
Baby Luke.  Ryan FINALLY got his boy!

A- Attention to detail.  He is the biggest perfectionist I know.  When it comes to anything he does, it is not worth his time unless he is going to give it 110 %.  This is the biggest reason he excels in the field he has chosen.  Copy editing is very precise and there is a lot of room for mistakes if you don't pay attention to all the variables.  I know that he puts the same effort into all areas of his life and I appreciate his devotion.
The Hansen Boys Adam, Trent, Nick and Ryan.  He is the oldest.  
Christmas 2008

N- Notices the little things.  Ryan loves to notice little things and do special things for me.  He leaves little notes for me everywhere, he can tell if I change my hair and he can read my mood like no one else.  If I have had a hard night with the baby or a bad day, he can tell and provides time for me to be alone or take a nap uninterrupted by the kids.  I love that he cares enough about me to keep my sanity in check!
Ryan with Ally, 2006

H- HOT!  Handsome does not even begin to describe him.  He has a cute crooked smile that melts my heart faster than ice cream on a hot day!  Plus, now that he shaved his head, I think he got hotter!  I didn't think it was possible, but guess what?  IT IS!  
The day after he shaved his head.  Isn't he handsome? 

A- Ambitious.  He goes after the things he wants in life full force.  Another piece of me.  He is strong where I am weak.  We compliment each other very well.  We are on the same wave length a lot of the time so he knows what I am thinking and we can double team a situation.  
Ryan and Emma, 2006

N-  Never a dull moment when Ryan is around.  He is the life of the party.  Not even exaggerating.  The guy telling all the crazy stories across the room that everyone can hear?  Yea he's with me.  
Ryan's birthday, 2005

S-  Superman, because he loves him and he is mine!  Sarcastic, because you have to be to survive in our world.  Sweetheart.  He is mine.  I love him more than I can describe.  He is everything I ever wanted and more in a companion.  I am so blessed to have found him.  (This could also be Stalker, because I stalked him a little when we first met.  But this is about him, Not me!)

Showing off the love of Superman with Jake Rose, 2005

E- EXCITED about everything!  Enthusiastic about life.  Elated to share his latest story!  He is one of those the glass is half full kind of guys.  His optimism is almost sickening, but it keeps me dreaming and thinking of what could be when life gets me down.  This is one of my favorite qualities about him.  When my pessimism creeps in he makes it disappear with overkill optimism.  
Ryan and his dad Neil, Christmas 2008

N-  Never get tired of having him around.  He keeps me on my toes most of the time, but I love that he keeps our life interesting.  It could be easy to get into a routine and schedule and plan out every day of our life.  I try, but he keeps things spontaneous and interesting.  I love him so much and am so happy he is mine!  
Thanksgiving 2005


Sandi said...

How sweet. You are lucky to have a guy that is so perfect for you!

Shelley~Maren said...

That's adorable Lish. I keep wondering though... what on EARTH are you going to do when you get to Clark... he has 11 letters in his name. Unless his middle name has 5 letters? lol Good luck with that one, and have a LOVELY V-day with the man of your dreams!

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