Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 for Tuesday-Weekly wrap up

1- I am really tired right now and would rather be sleeping, so to keep myself awake I am going to work on this weekly post.  

2- We have a new president.  Half the country is happy.  Half the country is mad.  Half the country is scared and stock piling stuff at the grocery store.  When I went last weekend (the 19th) EVERYTHING you buy in large quantities, ie. powdered milk, sugar, flour, TP, detergent, bulk quantities of meat, etc. was gone off the shelves.  The place was so packed I could barely get through the aisles.  It was madness.  I have never seen it so packed.  I left Ally at the end of the produce section with Clark and the cart so I could even move in and out of the fruits and vegges.  At least people were trying to be healthy right?  

3- Clark is not getting better, well he was for a couple days but now he is all snotty, fevery and staying up all night again.  The antibiotic has a few more days so I will try to be patient.  If not, I will be back in there before Friday.  

4- I found out this week that Emma has been taking lengthy trips to the restroom causing the teacher's aid to have to go find her when she doesn't return after 10 minutes.  She is cleaning the sinks off.   They ought to pay her for that.

5- Luke will actually wear his hat these days.  Who knew all I had to do was take away all his hair to get him to put it on.

6- It was -18 degrees when we woke up this morning.  Our high for the day is 0.  The sliding doors on my van were frozen shut.  I had to put Clark in through my door and go up and over my seat.  2 door vans.  Not a great idea.

7- I spent a considerable amount of time on the computer the other night trying to catch up on CBS Television shows that we no longer get.  Dish network is unable to broadcast it because of some contract ending and the renewal price being extremely inflated, blah blah blah it is stupid.  They better figure it out before Survivor begins.  

8- I normally enjoy winter, but today I wished I lived in Arizona.  I  know, right?

9- Time to do our taxes.  I have already spent the return 5 times over in my head.  I have a wish list.

10- My name is Lisha Hansen and I am addicted to Carbs.  


Sandi said...

"Hiiiiii Lisha." My name is Sandi, and I am addicted to carbs and chocolate! (Come hither, my lovely chocolate cake . . .)

Mandy said...

Well, Lisha, we have more carbs for you. You won second prize (a 1/2 lb. box of English Toffe Anytime) in my gourmet toffee giveaway! Congrats! Send me and email w/ your address and which kind of toffee you want (white, dark, or milk chocolate) by the 5th and we'll get your toffee out by Valentines Day! Hooray!

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