Friday, February 6, 2009

I Won...Again!

My faith has officially been restored in "the system".   I enter contests all the time, but I never win. I just won  for THE SECOND time from this fun foodie website Gourmet Mom on the Go. The best part is both of the things I have won are boxes of Chocolate!  The first was all things Hershey.  This one, that I just got in the mail today, was from English Toffee Anytime.  YUM!  I gave it to my sweetheart as an early Valentines Day gift.  Ok technically I got second place in this contest, but hey a 1/2 pound box is better than none right?  

THANK YOU Mandy!  and THANK YOU English Toffee Anytime!


Sandi said...

How fun to win something--congrats!

Jill said...

Why are you so lucky?

Sheesh-share the wealth, will ya?

I adore toffee by the way...just to let you know.....


Amanda Gibson said...

Way to go you lucky girl!

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