Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hannah Montana 3D movie

Ok...this is so jr high... but I am so excited for the Hannah Montana, Miley Cirus 3D movie that we are taking the girls too next week. How crazy that I am excited about this. Mostly because they have been really looking forward to it and they were super sad when they didn't get to go to the"real"concert when their friends did.

Here is the thing though, it was kind of expensive so we opted to not take Luke. He gets to spend the evening with his cousin Liam. So fun for him! Also, they are not even playing it in town so we have to drive 45 miles to the nearest theater showing it. And it has to be next week because it is only open for 1 week. HOLY COW. But it is in Pocatello luckily so we can stay over night with Maga and Papa.

And the weirdest thing? Ryan is more excited than I am I think. We bought the tickets yesterday and I think I saw him jump for joy a little. Not sure but I think so. More later!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I like writing in my blog and feel like I actually am getting to the point of people reading it. I got sick of the bright pink though so I decided to go in a different direction. Luke said Green so here it is.

One of my goals is to keep better in touch with old friends. I have 3 who read my blog so I guess this is one way of accomplishing that goal.

I have been sitting here for like 20 minutes trying to decide what to write but some days I just don't have much to say. Pick up your jaw, it is true.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Disney with no children

Ry is taking students to the National Journalism Convention in April which is in Anaheim this year. I get to go as the female sponsor so yeah for me. The funny part is that I feel extremely selfish going to Disneyland with no kids.

Princesses, Cars, Nemo and no children to be there to share it with. I just feel really selfish at not taking them with us. Partly because we were planning to take them until the whole "We want a Wii" happened. Also, everytime they see a commercial for it they ask when they get to go. 6, 4 and 3. Perfect ages to truly appreciate the magic right? And not too old to see that it is just a bunch of 20 somethings running around in costumes.

We considered it. But sponsoring high school students is more work than you think. Having 3 more to watch is not very easy on the stress. Also, I don't think we could take them if we wanted too. I guess the Mom who wanted to be the female sponsor could go too in my spot so I could concentrate on my own kids but then we would need our own car.... just too much to think about.

I just feel selfish not taking them with me. Is that wrong? How do I enjoy Disneyland knowing my kids are home and would have loved to be there? I had no problem going there as an adult when I was single. I guess my Mom sense is winning out. Disney= kids. Do I tell them I am going? Do I tell them I went without them when I get home? Or just not bring it up and hope they never figure it out. Who knows. I have 4 months to fret over it. Today is the "buy the plane tickets" day. So it is real now. We are going. They are not. Some how I will get over it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Letter Pics

To all of you who were lucky enough to get our annual Christmas card, here are a few more pics that didn't make it in the card. We had some printer issues and decided to send the letters without the pictures in January rather then wait for the pictures to work out (finally) and then you would get our letter around April.

Hope you enjoy our little 2007 year in review!

These are some fun pics from a local place "5 & Diner." We ate here shortly after we moved to Idaho Falls.

Aloha from Hawaii! Ry and I were able to go in Feb with my whole family courtesy of my parents. BEST GIFT EVER!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas aftermath

WE GOT A WII!!! That is a direct quote from all 3 of my children when asked what Santa brought them.

So here is the story. Ryan got up at 6 am one Sunday morning and went to wait outside the Circuit City to buy The Wii. After 2 hours he bought #16 of 18 and we got the prize for best parents ever.

The best part though? We were at Toys R Us ("toys yes" as Luke calls it) a few days later buying games to go with the Wii (buy 3 get 1 free!) and the sales clerk asked us if we needed a Wii. "Why?" we ask. "I have 2 here to sell," he says as he pats his shirt pocket. It was reminiscent of a Rolex salesman on a crowded city street. So what do we do? Say "Sure we'll take one," and immediately call our friends who are also in search of the elusive system. Now they are the best parents ever as well. Maybe it helps make up for the fact that we bought ours on Sunday. I don't know. I do know that there are 2 young boys very happy that they got a Wii for Christmas from "Santa" and we had a hand in making that happen.

At any rate we have happy kids, a new interactive babysitter(as opposed to the sitting and watching cartoons), and as we found out yesterday, a new form of punishment when they break the rules. (No Wii for the rest of the week!)

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