Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Field Trip!

Emma's preschool class had a field trip today. We got to go to The Farm. Ok so it is not much of a farm. A few horses and cows. Some skittish ponies who got spooked by the birds while the kids were in their wagon and ran off into a fence. It's ok. No one got hurt except the wagon broke a little, but the horses and more importantly the kids are all ok. Sadly, the other class did not get to take the pony ride.

There is another super fun part of the trip though. The Trains. There is a really cool model railroad out there with a whole town full of people, houses, shops, mountain's, tunnels and even the edge of an ocean. The guy who runs it has spent over 10 years on all the details. It is super neat and the kids loved it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


You know it has been a long time since you updated your blog when people make it a point to tell you to update it when they see you out and about. So here is my top ten reasons why I have not updated my blog in so long.

10. I am lazy.
9. We rearranged the house.
8. Dance competition season.
7. Travelling a lot for #8 and other family things.
6. Went out of town for an entire week without children.
5. 3 children at home.
4. Super tired and napping a lot due to pregnancy #4.
3. Travelling back and forth to dr. for #4.
2. Forgot to pay internet bill.
1. I went to Disneyland!

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