Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Love, Love, Love...

Today it's all about the food.  I love it.  All of it.  Everything about it.  

I LOVE this website.  It goes great with my even bigger LOVE of cooking (and eating).  

Some of my favorites that I LOVE:


My kitchenaid Mixer
New York Cheesecake

Girl Scout Cookies--these ones!
(tis the season.  I know where you can order some if you need to know.)
 I LOVE this network.
I LOVE this show!
I also enjoy these shows.  


Jennifer Pauga said...

LOL who turned you on to alberto's? That is my favorite!! That is ALL I ever crave!!

lisha said...

It is literally 3 blocks from my house. Plus it tastes like food from a Taco Truck which I fell in love with when I was pregnant.

sunnie said...

My favorite recipe blog is Check it out. I follow it so I can keep up with their updates.

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