Monday, July 26, 2010

Closer to 2

Clark is cute. Lets face it, we make cute kids. He still has the squeezey cheeks that I just want to pinch every time I see them. He has started pinching my cheeks. Maybe I do it too much.

Now that he is tan and sun bleached, he is even better looking then before. The thing is, no matter how cute he gets on the outside, the fact still remains that he is getting closer and closer to 2 every day. His attitude is showing already. I need to remind myself that I love him so when he throws a fit I will have a written reminder to turn too.

I must admit that his communication skills are improving. He is no Ally, but he can usually get his point across. Usually. For some reason, I am the least versed in "Clark". It makes life difficult sometimes, especially when he and I are the only ones around. I am not sure why I have such a hard time deciphering him. I am around him the most. I never had this much trouble with the others. I must be losing my touch. I am sure the Binky in the mouth 24/7 does not help that cause to much either.

Clark is a wanderer. If there is an open door, he is outside and down the street before you realize he is gone. He has gotten smart about it too. If I bring him inside the front door, he heads straight out the side door without even pausing to take a breath. Almost like herding sheep. We have been the recipients of anonymous neighbors returning him to us wondering if we were missing a little kid on several occasions. He loves to be outside and screams if he gets brought in before he is ready.

He also likes to drag his blanket everywhere with him lately. His poor "beecee" is more gray than blue these days. Yesterday he sat by the dryer and cried while I washed it. He is always anxious to throw it in when I load the washer, but by the time I transfer it to the dryer he wants it back, but not soaking wet. When it finished, he took it outside and dragged it through the oil on the neighbors driveway. It was clean for about 2 minutes.

Clark loves motorized vehicles. All of them. When he sees a truck he makes the Rmm Rmm noise. Lately he has this thing for trains. Too Too is what he calls them. He loves to go to Maga's house because they are close by and loud and he gets to see one about every 20 minutes. This weekend the Blue Angels from the Navy were in town for an air show. A lot of their practice maneuvers had them flying directly over our house for the past few days. It was really cool. And really loud. We went and sat on a hill near the airport during their show so he could get a closer look. That was really neat to watch. He loved it. We all did.

My baby is not so much a baby anymore. I love his personality. He is so much fun when he wants to be. His sense of humor is already starting to surface. He likes to tease or hide and gets such a giggle out of it. I am looking forward to helping his vocabulary grow. I have a hard time getting him to say much, but if Luke tells him to say a word, he does it. Butt is one of his favorites thanks to the 5 year old potty humor. He also fake farts and burps. And laughs really hard after he does it.

He is a sweet heart. He still snuggles with me everyday. I know that will end sooner than I want, but for now I will take the time to hold him as much as I can.

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