Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tempermental Connection

I recently succumbed to the faltering economy and gave up my Super Fast and Reliable yet some what pricey Internet company for another Fast and Spotty but super cheap one.  Although it seems to also be Fast on the upload it is not quite as great on the download (apparently they are different band widths?) and the connection is not go great.  I can be on the Internet doing the blog thing or the surfing thing and go to open a new page and get this. 

This webpage is not available.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Here are some suggestions:

So I of course click refresh and wait and low and behold it will work or it won't but eventually it does.  

Why does this happen?  Can anyone explain to me why it has little "brown outs" in connection on one page and be fine on others.  It is really sporadic and not choosy about which pages it will or will not load at any given time.  It is almost like a power spike.  I know very little about band width or connection speeds.    I guess what I am asking for here is a little explanation in the most understandable terms possible.  Can anyone dumb it down for me so I can understand it?  I think I would be less frustrated by it if I understood why it happens.  


Sandi said...

The evil bandwidth gnomes are having fun at your expense.

Jenn Walker said...

I have no idea either...If you ever figure it out in "dumb" terms, I am sure there are a ton of people who would like to know. by the way, it is ok to not want to drive 5 minutes to dance. I shouldn't complain about our drive; we chose to live here. Last week was just insane though. Anyway, thanks for your good wishes with RJ. Hope you guys are well.

Shelley~Maren said...

Cheaper internet is usually slow. People making websites these days figure "Everyone's on Cable" or DSL or something comparable. Not so much with slower connections, or dial-up. Therefore, they're making more fast-internet-friendly websites, that don't load at all, or that load slower than molasses going uphill in winter.

Basically, it depends on the site you're trying to visit, how much traffic said site is getting at that moment you try to view it, and how heavily taxed your connection is at the same time.

I'd recommend a full spyware/malware scan with, there's a free program there, and also is an amazing program, those two might help speed up your PC, as well as get rid of things you don't need on it.

Also, you can go to at different times throughout the day, week, month write down your download and upload speeds and compare... if you really want to get into it.

Usually download speeds are quicker, and upload speeds slower. You said yours seemed opposite. That's not normal.

BUT if you track your up/down speeds, and then show your service provider your records (if they're not as advertised), they might be able to help or suggest a way to make it faster, or they might just credit your account a month "for your troubles" :)

Anyway, I'll end this epistle now and turn you back to your regular scheduled surfing. :) Aloha!

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