Thursday, December 16, 2010

Me+Holidays=No Blogging

The goodies are delicious though. Ryan and I decided to scale back on the monetary aspect of Christmas and focus more on 1 or 2 significant gifts. Amidst that though, life is still hectic and busy. Here is my 12 days of Christmas list where I have been spending my "spare time."

12-Planning the Applebee's breakfast with Santa for kids elementary school.

11-Planning the Relief Society Christmas brunch and program.

10-Making candy for friends and neighbors.

9-Writing our Christmas Letter.

8-Gathering addresses for Christmas cards.

7-Standing outside in the 8 degree weather at Toys R Us to get the best Black Friday deals for our cousin gifts.

6-Picking up lots of extra shifts at work.

5-Creating a whole new board to work with me at church...reorganization left me with no one.

4-Shuttling children to various recitals and other activities.

3-Packing Christmas gifts to be mailed far away to family we miss TONS!

2-Shopping for those perfect items for the people I love and creating gifts when shopping just won't cut it.

1-Trying to teach my children why we have Christmas in the first place and focusing more on giving rather than receiving. It is not as easy as it sounds. But I know if I try to keep everything Christ centered, it will all work out. We are already seeing the blessings from our efforts and it has been wonderful.

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