Friday, February 13, 2009

Love...what more can I say

The big day is coming. Tomorrow is going to be all the sappy stuff and the things I REALLY today is about the superficial stuff.

I LOVE TV. Such a time waster. I have always enjoyed television. My weight shows it. I would rather watch TV than almost anything when I was younger. I still enjoyed cooking back then too, and reading...but more about that later.

Here are a few of the items on my MUST SEE TV list that get put on the DVR every week.

I LOVE these people.

(I miss them)


Sandi said...

Oooo Harrison Ford, all the way. My husband puts up with me drooling over Mr. Ford only because he loves Star Wars so much. But I am not limited to Han Solo . . . I also love Indiana Jones and Richard Kimball. I just wish more of his movies weren't rated R so I could see them!

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