Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10-4 CRAZY Tuesday

K short and sweet...here we go. 

1- Clark got sick again over the weekend so I took him to the Dr. yesterday and ...he has 2 ear infections in his little ears...again.  New antibiotic, hopefully it will NOT make him break out in a rash confirming the "Clark had Roseola and is not allergic to penicillin" theory.

2- It tastes like oranges and is thick and pasty.  But he seems to like this one more than the others.

3- I love Mary Kay.  I went to a meeting tonight for a new director friend and it just reminded me how much I really do love those women.  Not fun being the only family member of 5 in attendance who is NOT a director, but I am used to it by now.

4- My friend Sandi is teaching me how to "coupon" shop.  Cut it out, go to the store, pick up the item, purchase for cheaper RIGHT?  WRONG!  There is WAAAYYY more to it then that.  I am going with her to Albertson's in the morning at 4:30 am (yikes) to "watch and learn" from the pros in action.  I have been told it takes a good 3 months to get good at it.  wow.

5- The things I will do to save money never cease to amaze me.

6- I often wonder what the draw is to facebook. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong.  I still don't know, but my cousin has a pretty good take on it.  (don't read if you live and die by facebook, you will just get offended.)

7- We had a fun Valentines Day.  I have fun pics.  I will do that post tomorrow.

8- Today slipped past me fast.  I usually have time to get stuff done on Tuesday.  Not today.  

9- Clark has a new favorite toy.  It is his tongue.  Cutest thing ever!

10- I am going to sleep now cuz I gotta get up at 4!  


Shelley~Maren said...

4am to coupon shop? Sounds like a crazy Wednesday too!

lisha said...

...said the girl who wakes up EVERY day at 5am to exercise!

Briett said...

I don't know how some mom's get so much done. You look like one of them. I enjoy reading your blog and catching up viea net with family. At least it's something right:) Sure would like to visit one of these days...you know like the good'ol days.

Amanda Gibson said...

Wow, let me know how the whole coupon thing goes. Also, I'm with ya on the whole facebook thing. I find it confusing.

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