Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad Decision.

Tell me I am not the only one who makes these. Luke's hair has been driving me crazy lately. It is getting too long. No amount of gel or hair spray can contain it any longer. Ry shaved his head so he is now bald and he never goes to the barber anymore; therefore Luke never goes with him and never gets his hair cut anymore. See where I am going with this? It has been since before Christmas that he got his hair cut and that is a LONG time in boy hair standards. Now he looks a lot more like Dad!

Long story short (literally), we used Ryan's electric razor and shaved his head to a "1". Yeah. He is bald. It is my fault. It is freezing cold outside. And let's just get it out there, I am not the smartest mom on the block. He hates it. He cried the whole time. My brother in law helped Ry finish up the cut because he has real clippers and we don't and it was hurting his head. Justin told him he looks like a basketball player and that made it better.


Jennifer Pauga said...

I cried the first time Joey cut Keil's hair like that. I was very upset and I thought it made him look sickly and I made Joey promise he would never do it again. So no, you arent the only one. The good news is, that it will grow back very soon.

TammeNBen said...

Its not too bad, but maybe I am bias to the bald look. But it is nice that it will grow back. Why did Ryan shave his head?

lisha said...

Because you could see his scalp through what hair he did have no matter how long it was. It was sad.

Amanda Gibson said...

I know exactly how your feel, Lisha. We did this to Jeffery when he was about six or seven. He was all for it until he saw himself in the mirror. Then he hated it. Ever since then he's been super picky about haircuts. The good thing is that it'll grow back. And he's a boy. And for some reason bad haircuts on boys aren't quite as devastating as bad haircuts on girls. Take it from someone who knows. I had a bad haircut myself a few weeks ago (that got fixed the next day- thank goodness!) and I was crying the next morning.

Amber M said...

What a stud!

Us said...

Dear Luke,
All the handsome boys in the world have bald heads! You look wonderful!
I love you very much -

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