Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 for Tuesday--All About Ally

All About Ally

A-- Always wanting to be the helper and "be in charge."  She wants so much to grow up too quick and almost misses out on the fun kid stuff.  I can count on her to help with the baby, cleaning, cooking, etc.  She takes her role as A #1 daughter very seriously.
Our Princess Ally
L-- Loves to dance!  When the music is on, Ally is jammin'!  She competes at IDS and loves her classes.  Ryan gave her his old Mp3 player so she can be dancing all the time, even when it seems quiet in the house.  She has improved leaps and bounds this year and I am super proud of her accomplishments!
With Parker at a Dance Performance of  "Kung Fu"

L-- Lovable little girl.  She has an infectious smile that draws people to her.  Her fun loving spirit is easily squashed by a harsh word though, so tread lightly!  
Ally and Emma are Best Friends

Y-- Yells loudly!  She wants to be a Cheerleader!  Cheering on her favorite team has always been one of her greatest ambitions!   
"The Soccer Princess"
When she played soccer she preferred to "cheer" rather than play

H-- Hints non stop about things she wants to do.  There is no beating around the bush with this girl.  And if you say it is going to happen she will remind you over and over until it gets done!  Her persistence often keeps me on track and I love it.  
Losing her first tooth
She wiggled that thing to death until it finally fell out!

A--Attention to detail.  Ally always wants to get things "right".  I think the word is perfectionist. She gets frustrated with herself if she can't do something perfect the first time in dance, but she is learning to practice, practice, practice to get it exactly right.
A self portrait 
(there were about 15 others until she got this one that looked "right")

N-- Never wants to be referred to as a "little kid."  As the oldest, she wants to be included and thought of as such.  Too bad she is only 7!  
At her 7th birthday party in June

S-- Super smart and serious reader.  She loves to read a good book and challenges herself to read "one more chapter" all the time.  Right now she has taken on Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  She is frustrated because the chapters are too long to read all at once.
Her first day of Kindergarten--she has always loved school since her first "preschool" experience when she was only 2 1/2

E-- Example to her brothers and sister.  Luke has learned a lot from watching her and wants to do everything with her.  She helps them clean up and "teaches" them whats what.   When they play she is often the teacher, the mom, or the boss. 
At Lagoon in 2004

N-- No way would I ever want to know what life would be like with out her around.  She is our first and holds that special spot in our hearts.  Life is never dull with Ally around.  She has a flair for the dramatic in all aspects of her life!  

Her first dance performance at "Lamar Days" -- she was so new she didn't even have the "official" costume yet so she wore pink to fit in.

(that IS 10 in case you were tempted to go back and count the letters.  Nice how that worked out huh?)


Jill said...

I absolutely love the picture of Ally and Emma together. It is priceless.

She is a good girl, and I'm glad she is in Parker's (and our!) life!

I loved this post. :)

Amber M said...

She is so cute. She is going to be so beautiful when she grows up. Your in trouble mom and dad! lol!

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