Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was using this.

To make these.

And I did this.

No you can't see the cut. I am too big of a wimp to take the band aid off. It really hurts. Trust me when I say it would have needed stitches if there was anything left there to stitch back together. 


Shelley said...

OH NO! Your poor widdle finger! I have a love/hate relationship with mandolins. LOVE what they do, HATE when they slice. GAH! Feel better soon!

Sandi said...

Let's just hope that your finger didn't end up in the dinner!

lisha said...

Nah, I found the piece that came off. All in one nice clean cut. It went straight in the trash.

Jill said...

This picture made me laugh. I know know why.

Because you're funny I guess! :)

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