Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 for Tuesday--Remember when...

So today I wax nostalgic.  If you read one that sparks a memory, feel free to comment and share. I miss you friends.

Remember when...
1- we used to plan our whole day around Thursday night TV.

2- the only time we spent on the beach was late at night because we were working too hard to go when the sun was up.

3- cocoa hour was the highlight of our month.

4- making our own cubicle on the 3rd floor was the only way we got any studying done.

5- we used to drive 3 1/2 hours to go to a decent restaurant (or wal-mart).

6- we made more money than we knew what to do with, ate out all the time and went to movies on the premier night.

7- we used to have water fights by the stream until we could barely walk because we were soaked and freezing cold.

8-  we would have skipbo tournaments until we could barely stay awake.  

9-  on scrapbook night we got a lot of talking done but not so much scraping.  

10- Grandma would take us to the amusement park and sit on the bench drinking lemonade all day long while we road rides.

Okay so I think I threw something in there for each of you.  Happy reminiscing.  


sunnie said...

Oh yes I remember a few! Cocoa hour not one of my favorites though.

Sandi said...

Cocoa hour was my favorite, but for some reason the gal that started it never showed up . . .

lisha said...

Maybe not in IF but I rarely missed in Lamar: where the idea came from.

Jenn Walker said...

I can relate to most of those. Like driving 3 hours to a restaurant :)...Some ladies our ward here do a girls night out once a month to applebees, so that is fun. And my college friends and i used to do hot chocolate nights.

Shelley said...

I lived for my Friends through ER night. Seriously. If you mess with my VCR on Thursday I will tear your head off. Now, a Thursday comes and goes and I'm like "meh... time to catch up online!" yay!

Amanda Gibson said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! I'm excited to see what you've been up to lately!

I hate to admit it (well, actually I don't. Mostly because I'm pathetic) but I'm still a Thursday night TV girl. NOBODY better bug me from 8-10 on Thursday night.

Shalah said...

Yes, Lisha, cocoa night and scrapbooking night bring back great memories for me in Lamar.
OK, maybe this is my only claim to Lamar fame...(drum roll, please). I was the one who came up with "cocoa hour" (I thought I gave the night an original title, but maybe not). Jenny initially supported the idea and it was successful for several years.

For anyone who wants to try it, here's how we did "Cocoa Hour": 1) Held once per month, rotating at each other's homes (being together in each other's homes was the funnest part).
2) The hostess provides a seasonal beverage (cocoa or cider, etc. in winter; fruit drinks, etc. in summer).
3) Everyone dresses comfy and brings their own mug.
4) Same day/time each month. We did second Tuesdays from 9:00PM - 10:30PM (or midnight, ha) so we could put our kids to bed first. Ladies came and went as they desired. Evening lighting (candles & lamps) was the norm for us and created a peaceful ambiance.
4) Any adult woman is invited (no kids, except for nursing or need-Mom babies). We encouraged each other to continue inviting new women to join us.
5) No agenda! Just enjoy visiting together (we usually were a small enough group to sit facing each other in a room).
6) We never needed this guideline (do to the nature of the great friends I had), but if needed: No negative gossiping.

And, yes, we still called it "Cocoa Hour" in the summer (even though we had a cold beverage). That was part of the fun.

lisha said...

Huh? All this time I thought it was Katie who started it. Good one though.

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