Thursday, October 23, 2008

Widow for a week

So it happened. Ryan left me for 5 whole days to go to his conference. I knew it was coming. It just felt like it would be later. Later is here. I know it seems dumb. He has been gone before. But that was when we had less children. I don't know why, but having 4 makes me scared. I have yet to go anywhere with all of them alone (besides dancing, but that doesn't count as "public"). They want to go to a free kids haunted house on Saturday afternoon. I am not super excited about that, but I told them we would go. Is it silly for me to be nervous about taking them in public? Then there is church. Oh brother. I can't go inactive just because he is not here, but seriously? 4 kids in sacrament meeting. As it is now we sit like this.

* child * mom * child * dad * child *

Take out my other buffer and there is going to be some fighting going on. What if the baby gets hungry? I can't take 4 kids in the mothers lounge, that thing is tiny. But what is the alternative? Leave them in the chapel unattended? I am seriously thinking of skipping, at least that part of church. I never premeditate skipping church. Having 4 kids is turning me into a crazy person.
Ok so wish me luck. The biggest benefit to him being gone is this. When he gets home, late Tuesday night, Luke will have the joy of knowing his birthday (on Wed) is finally HERE! If nothing else he has good timing.


Robyn said...

I feel your pain, and I only have 1! Church with kids is tough. You can do it though...think about how good you'll feel if you go, and it ends up being not as bad as you thought. Think of the confidence booster you'll get knowing you did it on your own?! And if it doesn't go well, at least you would've taken the Sacrament and gotten the most important part. Have faith in your abilities, ask Heavenly Father to help you, and if it goes awry, at least you can say you tried :)

lisha said...

Thanks for the confidence Robyn.

Shelley said...

Let's just hope the kiddos don't get wise and REALIZE that they outnumber you. ;) Good luck till Wednesday! :D

lisha said...

No kidding huh?

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