Monday, October 27, 2008

Purple Flurp

First off, do you know where the title is from?

Ok so check this out. Do you know what this is?
They are probably not what you think.

They are POTATOS! Honest. And they are not colored.
They grew in the ground this way.
From the outside they look like a normal potato
but when you peel them.
and cut them up they look a little different.

When I boiled them for mashed potatos the water was all kinds of colors.

Amazing enough to share. I had never heard of them until last week. My moms next door neighbor grew them in her garden and was kind enough to share.
And I thought eggplant and blueberries were bright.

If you know the reference, leave me a comment. I might send you a purple potato!


Jennifer Pauga said...

Sad to say that I know Purple Flurp's come from Jimmy Neutron. WOW that is a piece of trivia I wish I didnt know.

andrea said...

i can't find your email addres. i just wrote you this long email and it was returned as undeliverable. so i must have the wrong one.
email me at this address:

and then i'll send it back to you.

sunnie said...

How did they taste? I have never heard of that kind of potato, but that shouldn't suprise you.

Amy said...

Like Jennifer, I too know that Jimmy Neutron drinks purple flurp, along with Carl and Sean. Sad. Really sad.

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