Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Give me 10!

1- The Dr. visit was yesterday. I am ok. Just thought you would like to know.

2- I am super excited for this weekend and visiting my friends from college. A couple I have not seen in over 10 years! I am nervous about the 4 children and traveling aspect though. Wish me luck with that.

3- Ryan is leaving Thursday for a conference in Boise. He will be gone 5 days. That is a long time to have 4 kids by myself. I hate it when he leaves. I am not one of those people who can't function alone. Trust me I can do it. But I like it when he is here and I will be happy when he gets back.

4- My sister keeps getting new furniture and giving me her other stuff. SCORE! It is a lot better than what we had so I am happy.

5- I added a little weight loss counter in the side column. I have a friend who said I was brave to talk about it on my blog. I am a talker. I like to get things out, let others weigh in, chew on it for awhile. It is how I deal. I figured, I am never going to be successful at this without support from friends and family so I am talking about it just like any other thing in my life. Brave, stupid call it what you will. It is me.

6- Clark is getting chubby. He is sleeping lots at night, which I love. He is fussy in the evenings , which I don't love.

7- I need a new phone. I keep getting things from verizon saying it is time to upgrade. I just never have time to go take care of it. And when I do have time I have no money to pay for it. Go figure.

8- I get to go grocery shopping today. Take it how you want.

9- My little buddy keeps trying to close the window so I have to end quick....

10- There is no 10.


Shelley said...

I liked your #10 one. hah! That's how I felt at #8 today, but then I added a bonus 2-3 hours after my 10 were posted... I guess I just needed more time! :)

I'm the same way about telling people my plans, it makes it seem more real, and like people will be disappointed if I don't follow-through somehow (but they won't REALLY). The support is awesome though!

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