Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 more

1- Clark is 6 weeks old. Next week I get to go to "the doctor"- you know the one with all the letters. Try not to be jealous.

2- I joined LA Weight Loss. Ok so I joined like a year ago and then found out a week later that I was pregnant. I know huh? So yesterday I rejoined after the baby everything was done. I am super excited and will probably talk about it a lot on this blog. Mostly because I have to keep myself psyched up as much as possible to make this work! Here is the best part. When I originally joined I was at 215. Yesterday when I weighed in I was at 204. AND I just had a baby. I hide it well.

3- One of Ryan's colleges was doing a fund raiser for his kids to Apple Athletic Club--3 months membership for $30! Needless to say we joined and will be spending A LOT of time in that awesome pool and hot tub of theirs. Not to mention, now I have a place to work out! (see #2)
Super excited!

4- Saturday is Super Saturday in my ward. (ie Day Of Crafts) I am not in charge, but helping a lot. We are doing simple and easy projects that I am excited for. I will be making Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. Doesn't that just sound so good?

5- The snow was gone by noon yesterday. We knew it would be. The girls were disappointed though because their plan was to make a snowman after school. Oh well, there is plenty more where that came from. It is only 24 degrees outside right now though.

6- The Dow went up 900 points yesterday! Yes this is good news. It means our economy is not completely flushed down the toilet. It tried. The handle was pushed. The water went down. But then came back up because it didn't make it past the U bend. Anyway it is a reason to sigh a little bit of relief.

7- We made Halloween Cookies yesterday. I forgot to take pics, but we still have some dough left and they will need to be frosted so I will take pics of round 2. The kids are funny. Luke lost interest before he had 1 cookie frosted and took off with a hand full of candy corn. Ally thinks she is decorating a cake and has frosting all down the sides of the cookies with every inch of the cookie covered in some type of decoration. Emma poured out half the bottle of sprinkles on the first cookie and then kept eating them. Her hands are now stained orange. Also, she licked the frosting off her knife in between each cookie. Yum.

8- The snow storm this weekend prevented us from traveling so we missed Avery's baby blessing. It was terrible. Cars were sliding off the road like crazy the whole way to Twin Falls. Sorry Sam!

9- My kids don't have chicken pox. (my brother's kids do)

10- Looking forward to the RAW girls reunion on the 24th. Old friends from BYUH getting together in SLC for the weekend. So EXCITED!


Robyn said...

#6 cracks me up :) I've been thinking about how my teacher taught me to write with my hand in the right position, and I can't even remember what techniques she used. I just remember during hand-writing time she'd always come over and spend some time with me individually to make sure I didn't develop that habit. Ahhhh sorry to be of absolutely no help :( And I love super Sat! It's fun to socialize and come away with something crafty that makes you feel really domestic :)

Bonnie Young said...

Hey you, it was so good to see you today! You look fabulous, just fabulous. I have to tell you now that I've found your blog, I'm going to keep checking it.

andrea said...

the doctor with all the initials. you're too funny.

but um... jealous? not so much.

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