Monday, October 6, 2008

I love Fall!

I love it when the trees begin to change color. This is a giant tree on the corner of our yard that is almost completely yellow and it looks so neat. Most of the neighborhood trees have yet to start turning, but ours is all done, and the leaves have started to fall as well. Time for big piles to jump into!

Luke's birthday is coming up, but not until the end of the month. When I changed the calendar to October the other day, he got all excited that it was his birthday. How do you tell a 3 year old they have to wait 28 more days before they can have the fun? I should tell him it is in November since it is closer to the beginning of that month. Anyway to help him "FEEL BETTER" about the situation, we made a list of everything he wanted to do this month while we waited for his birthday. (When the girls got home from school we added a couple more at the end for them.) Here is what he came up with, with only a little prompting from Mom.


1- Make Pumpkin Bread
2- Make carmel apples
3- Make Halloween cookes
4- Have Luke's birthday party
5- Take cookies to the neighbors
6- Buy candy
7- Go Trick or Treating
8- Go visit Silas, Lucy, Grace and Ivy (out of town cousins)
9- Rake leaves and jump in the pile
10- Go to the library
11- Figure out our costumes
12- Buy Egg Nog
13- Go to Avery's baby blessing
14- Go see "Igor"

Can you tell this little boy is ruled by his stomach already? We are doing pretty good on the list so far. We have already checked off 3 items. I am happy with that considering 4 or 5 of them we cannot do until the later part of the month anyway. We are going to make a countdown to his birthday today. Probably a paper chain so he can rip one off each day. Birthday's are so fun! Anticipation is the best part for kids though and we are doing our best to keep it exciting!


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