Thursday, October 30, 2008

By the numbers

Numbers tag, you're it. . .

1 Thing I'm looking forward to:
Starting our gym membership to Apple Athletic

2 Things on my wish list:
trip to Disneyland

3 Favorite restaurants:
Red Lobster
El Herradero
Texas Roadhouse

4 Things that happened yesterday:
Had Luke's Birthday Party
made some bows
made Dinner in a Pumpkin
weighed in (it was not pretty)

5 TV shows I love to watch:
My Name is Earl
Chuck (He's such a cute geek!)(I agree with Shelley)
Grey's Anatomy
Pushing Daisies
America's Next Top Model

6 people I'm tagging:
Mary Anne


sunnie said...

You are a blogging fool. I love all your updates, only something I can aspire to.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisha-

We are sorry we missed you in Utah last weekend. Tawnee showed me how to find your blog. I would love it if my family could meet you. Maybe next time we are in Utah.

It was nice to see all the cute pictures on your blog.

Uncle Kenny

Mandy said...

Hi lishaheanne, you won the chocolate extravaganza on my bloggy giveaway! Please email me your mailing address as well as any allergies (or dislikes) your family has. I'll put together a chocolate box and send it out!:) Congrats & have a great weekend!

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