Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What color is your thumb?

My mom spends the majority of her life in her the warm weather anyway.  She is always out watering, weeding or picking up sticks and branches that have fallen from one of her 37 trees.  (we did count them at one time).  

She used to pay us to pick up sticks.  

I think she is obsessed with the sticks.

We always had plenty to burn in the bonfire pit.

No matter what she plants, she can make it grow.  

Our garden was always overflowing with growth.  The flowers are constantly beautiful and blooming.  

Her thumb is green.

I have had a few house plants in my day.  None of them have lived very long.  Emma brought these zinnias home a few weeks ago.  They are growing rapidly.  I do not touch them.  

I think my thumb is black.  

We are starting a new adventure with a few friends.  We have 2 "plots" reserved for us at the stake farm for gardening.  

Luckily, Ryan seems to have inherited the green thumb from his father, the self proclaimed "orchardist."  

His whole hand is green.

We will be meeting tomorrow to discuss what we want to plant in said plots.  I am a little hesitant.  I seem to make things shrivel rather than grow.  

Whenever we have had a little garden in our yard, I steer clear.  

I may pick a few weeds here and there. 

I am great at turning on the water.  

I want to be better at it.  But now other people are involved and I am nervous about messing it up for them.  

What color is your thumb?  Any suggestions on how to turn mine green?


Shelley~Maren said...

I think mine is like a light green... I'm good with tomatoes... That's all I've really tried growing so far. My brother has a HUGE garden, so I'm looking forward to having a little section of that to work on. It's almost like a stake plot, but it's just for the 7 of us. Very fun. They're trying potatoes, and onions, and peppers... Should be fun. I suggest tomatoes, and ONE zucchini (one is all you need. Seriously). ANYONE can have a green thumb with those two! (PLUS, you can make zucchini bread and YUM! That's awesome!) Good Luck!

Jec Tyger said...

I have no advise but I'm sure you will be fine! I would love to have a yard with big nice trees and tons of flowers and a nice garden but all I have is dirt! So maybe you can teach me what you learn! BTW I thought your blog about the dead friends was hilarous! Jamie and I are going to the museum tomorrow I cant wait!

Sandi said...

I have your problem!

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

I would say that I have one green thumb and one yellow green as I can get my garden to grow but not house plants. I am trying the new glass bulb that gives your plant a little water at a time as I tend to forget to water mine. Gardening is an art but it is also a guessing game. I have found that if I get plants that are hybrids they are easier for the green thumb challenged as they are more disease resistant. You have to plant pumpkins. They grow themselves. I plant 3-4 seeds and have got 4-7 pumpkins. They do take up some room so plant your peas and early harvest by them. Call me for other ideas. I'll tell you what I'm going to do this year.

Amanda Gibson said...

Mine is.....well, kinda peachy pink. I have no clue whether or not I have a green thumb. Never planted a garden before. I have planted flowers and have always done pretty well with them - but they're always the "easy" kind of flowers. Not the kind you have to grow from seeds and prune and stuff. I have decided I'm going to do a little garden this year - and Miss Bonnie is helping me. She's got the green thumb.

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