Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Sick Family

I have to say I am about tired of everyone in my family being sick.  Usually, I am super sweet and nice to them.  Make them warm soup, let them "camp out" with a good movie on, cater to their every wish.  

On Friday Emma threw up all night because mucus running down her throat is to much for her to handle.  
On Saturday I was completely hoarse from the sore throat/coughing.  
On Sunday Ally was too sick to go to Papa's birthday party.  
On Monday they were ALL home from school.  
On Tuesday Ryan even came home sick. 
At one point sometime Wednesday, I think, he made a comment to me about "this is what sick people do" referring to the all day in bed he had been spending.  To which I replied. " I wish."  
Could you imagine what would happen--or better how he would react--if I tried to spend the whole day in bed?  I think the world would fall apart.  He doesn't get it though.  He thinks I would be able to do that and wonders why I couldn't.  "I have 4 children" was my reply. 
On Thursday my crazy little boy who runs everywhere sat on the couch and starred at the TV with a glossed over look.  I thought he would fall over at any moment.   That was when I knew there was a problem.  

But the sick needs to end.  After 2 weeks I am done.  Get over it already.  At this point they all have the lingering cough.  Luke is on antibiotics and Clark has a runny nose that won't quit.  I feel fine--now.  I hope they all do soon as well.  

I am horrible I know.  

Post Script:  I feel the need to add here that my husband is AMAZING when it comes to helping around the house.  I just don't think he quite understands the levels to which the mischief can go when all 4 children are set loose.  Plus they mind him a lot quicker than they do me.  


Sandi said...

Dang! Hope you are all feeling better soon! Annalee has been staying up all night the last few nights (she's crying right now) because she can't breathe, so she can't sleep, but at least I'm not sick too! I love how Ryan thinks you could lay in bed all day. Read him that thing your mom read us about the woman didn't do what she normally does all day, and what happened to the house and kids!

Shelley~Maren said...

You may have one more week... sorry... i'm still not entirely back to 100% "normal" whatever that is... after being sick. And like a stupie-head, I booked another trip to Buffalo for Easter, so I'm certain to be sick again a week after I get back from that one. *sigh*

Trent & Amber said...

Do you remember the email that circulated about the mom that decided to stay in bed all day and read and when the husband came home everything was all over the house and nothing was done and she said something like, now you know what I do all day? That reminds me of what you were saying about them not understanding. A few weeks ago I had mastitis and I had to text Trent and tell him he HAD to come home. I literally could not move. I NEVER do that, but you're right you can't have the kids running wild. Luckily he was able to, but that was a rare moment. Ryan has sick days, someday he might have to utilize one of them if you are every 100% down and sick. It's ok to ask that one day out of 8 years :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

best story ever- a man comes home from work, finds the doors open on the minivan, toys littering the yard. groceries pack the rear of the van. he enters the house. again, toys everywhere. dirty dishes on the table, open cereal boxes, trash overflowing. moving into the living room, he finds three children asleep on the floor while the TV blares. they are wearing pajamas, except for one who is in nothing but a diaper. it stinks. he begins to panic. his wife is nowhere to be seen. he jets through the house, finally flings open his bedroom door, where he finds his wife contently reading a book. he is dumbfounded. he can barely sputter out his question "what... what... what is going on here???"
to which she replies, "remember yesterday when you asked me what i do all day? well today... i didn't do it."

Amanda Gibson said...

Hope you guys are all feeling better soon! There's nothing worse than sick kids....unless it's a sick husband.

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