Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10-4 Tuesday

1- I HATE BridegeMaxx. I know that is a strong word. The people are sweet and try to help, but it seems to be a problem we cannot find, so therefore we are unable to fix it. SO frustrating!

2- I almost threw my monitor across the room yesterday.

3- Is paying money for a subscription to the newspaper so I can get more coupons to save more money counter productive?

4- I enjoyed an evening out on Friday night. I got to spend it with people I don't get to see much anymore. It was also full of new people that are interesting and insightful and I hope to get to know them better. Thanks for the "break from the routine" Bonnie!

5- We started a Biggest Loser competition amongst the Smith Family on March 1. I appointed Ashley the moderator in charge. She is already doing a great job. Almost too good according to some people. Personally, I need the motivation. Ryan is determined to win. I hope he does. Then I win too!

6- My baby got 6 month immunizations yesterday. He is fevered today and I hate the day after sickness. That said, I would never not immunize my kids. Is this as controversial as I have heard it is?

7- I appreciate people I know who write what they think on their blog no matter who they offend. Way to be real.

8- Another messed up week has begun. No school yesterday so I am off my game. Not to mention, I thought today was the 2nd. It's not.

9- Apparently I forgot how to spell. Or at least how to type.

10- Thanks to spell check, #9 will seem ridiculous to you.

Have a happy week. You can join us at The Civic Auditorium on Saturday if you would like to see what all the hype is over this dancing thing. We would be happy to have you. Go Infinity!


Shelley~Maren said...

9 does seem ridiculous. Wow, I spelled that one right. I'm the same way as you. I'm so glad Firefox underlines a misspelled word. Right click and "choose the right one" is awesome.

Having computer woes? or were you weight-lifting?

Jec Tyger said...

Love your background! Carl also hates bridgemaxx. He also wanted to throw a monitor across his office. He is much happier now it is cancelled. I wish you luck. I am searching and searching for a good tiger for your hubby. I will let you know soon.

Susan said...

Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. I miss you!

Amanda Gibson said...

What's all this bridgemaxx stuff? I guess I'm glad I went with Cable One. It was great to see you Saturday night, Miss Lisha!

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