Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This year we decided to take our Spring Break the economical route.  Instead of going to visit cousins or friends (sorry guys!  we miss you tons!) we are staying home and playing "tourist" in our own town as well as organizing like crazy.  

Here are some of the highlights so far.

We went to the Museum of Idaho and saw the new Titanic exhibit.  It was GREAT!  The kids loved it and had a good time in the other exhibits as well.  I knew I wanted to see this exhibit from the moment it came out.  When I was in 6th grade, we studied the Titanic.  It was a newly discovered shipwreck then and it was amazing to learn about.  We made a ship in a bottle of it with an iceberg and everything.  Ever since, I have been fascinated by it.  Even when the movie was released, my favorite parts were the clips of them deep sea diving and studying the wreckage.  

When you enter the museum, you are given a boarding pass of an actual passenger.  As you go through you get to see the accommodations you would have had as that passenger.  At one point they have a giant "iceberg" that truly is made of ice for you to touch.  The point is to understand just how cold it was in the water and why so many people died there.  Not from drowning but from hypothermia.  

The iceberg was by far the kids favorite part.  They couldn't stay away from it.  It was good news for us because it gave us more time to read and observe the rest of the information.  

None of our passengers died, but their husbands did.  It was sad, but very informative.  I loved it.  I may actually go again.  

We enjoyed a delicious meal at the Happy Chinese Restaurant afterwards.  It is such a delicious place to eat.  We found it just a couple months ago and it quickly became a favorite.  

Other exciting Spring Break news:

We went swimming at the APPLE, one of our favorite places in town.  

We are doing lots of spring cleaning and have taken several trips to DI.

There is more to come...I need to upload pics.  Stay tuned for more spring break action!


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