Thursday, March 5, 2009

Biggest Loser

Thanks to my friend Jill, I took her idea and started the Biggest Loser contest with my brother, Scotty. We are doing it Wii Fit style--you can't cheat the weight on that thing. I figured if nothing else, we would get a yummy dinner at a nice Sushi restaurant. Loser buys.

I asked Ashley to moderate. She wanted to play along. She threw $50 in so I said sure.

I told Ryan about it. "I'm in" was the reply.

Carson jumped on the Wii fit board next.

It has turned into a whole Smith Family contest. As far as I know, every adult is participating. Maybe not Nate. He is already super skinny. Scott is the official judge. He is on an all liquid diet anyway.

"Not by weight" was the overall theme. The judging is on the Before picture we took on March 1 and will finish with the After picture taken on May 25th--Memorial Day. The Annual Smith Family Picnic. Watch out for the desserts.

I took my before picture. It was not pretty. I weighed in. Not great. At least I am still under the dreaded.

That was Sunday. My arms hurt. My lower back aches when I move. My deltoids are burning.

"Game on Bitches."


Jill said...


You really are serious aren't you!

:) Good luck-and remember-no pain, no gain.

I say as I can't walk because my hamstrings hurt so bad.

I'm going to go work out now.

Shelley~Maren said...

lol game on bitches? yeah? lol Niiiice.

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