Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Music to my ears

Spring is officially here.  Do you know how I can tell? 

It is not the milder temperatures. 
Not the grass popping up.  
Not the snow melting.  
Not even the buds of perennials making their way through the once frozen earth.  

The tell tale sign:  my children's laughter drifting through the slightly ajar front door.  

Nothing could keep them from a game of freeze tag with the neighbors in the early evening yesterday.  
As I was cooking dinner there were no complaints of hunger.  
No little ones underfoot wanting to help.  
Not even Spongebob could interrupt our first evening of Spring.  

I am elated.  


Kim Rose said...

Yeah! I found your blog! I couldn't remember the address.
I am with ya... so sick of spring NOT being on the way.

Briett said...

I can't wait for more. Poor little Thatcher loves it outside but we just can't venture to far yet. I didn't know you were in IF, I knew Gretch and Sam were. Brie lives in Rexburg. I will be down sometime again to help her paint. This last trip was very quick, just to move Blair home. Next time will be more fun. I would love to take a trip to Pocky as well and visit your grandparents.

Jill said...

All I have to say is:

AMEN sister. AMEN.

Sandi said...


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