Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tautphaus Park Zoo

Today we had a fun cousins day at our local zoo. Brittany and Alex met us there. Grace is here for dance camp from Salt Lake and Tanner is also here from Twin Falls so we all decided to go. Here are some fun pics from our fun day.

Right as we walked in we got together for this picture. Alex and Tanner are both too little to be out of the stroller, especially this early on! Lots of animals are waiting!

Luke is a natural around animals. He got to brush the goats in the petting zoo. Everyone else wanted to feed them, but to do that you have to be on the other side of the fence. He would not leave the animals so he stayed to take care of them.

The Tigers were the last thing we saw before we had lunch. Luke was super hungry and therefore grouchy so he did not want to be in this picture. So funny. Maybe that makes me a bad mom to laugh at my children, but my feeling is that if I don't I will just be sad too and that would be a downer all the time.


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