Thursday, July 24, 2008

One more thing

As I have been waiting for the water to come back on, etc. I have been reading stuff on the internet. Here are a couple interesting things to see/read about Twilight that I came across. If you are an addict you have already seem them and they are so 5 minutes ago, but you can enjoy them again if you want.

Here is the cover of EW I mentioned in an earlier post.

Here is a funny quiz too.

The official movie site has a new fun making of video and a scene from the fight scene that is super cool.

Oh and for all of you who have a man telling you what a blah blah blah book it is like I do, have them read the first chapter from Midnight Sun. Guys seem to like that version a whole lot better. And I found a confirmation from Stephenie saying it will be published just not exactly when.

And one more thing...tune into on Friday July 25th for an exclusive interview with Stephenie at Comic Con in San Diego. I am such a nerd.


Shalah said...

i miss you guys! great to catch up and wonderful pics! can't type- i broke my arm. glad you seem to be doing well. sept. baby- how exciting! xo shalah

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