Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting for Baby...counting down the days!

For all of you who are curious, I went to the baby doctor yesterday and I am officially dilated, to a 1. I know exciting isn't it? Not really. But the news is this. My next appointment is on Thursday Sept 4th and "depending on how things look," I may be induced that day. His words not mine. I am just happy I was able to make it to the doctor yesterday at all.

Ok so here is the story of the past week of my life. Not only did we have to take the green geo (yes I still own it) in for a battery replacement--still under warranty thank you--our van started doing some strange things. Such as the speedometer stopped working, the car stalled out every time we came to a stop, and the normal ticking noise went away. You know there is something strange going on when the familiar noises that should not really be there but you tolerate them suddenly disappear.

My father used to work here in Idaho Falls and recommended a repair shop he was familiar with. They got us in quick and even gave us a welcome yet unnecessary discount on a super quick yet thorough overhaul of everything "wrong"with our car. It was daunting I have to say. The estimates were much worse than we thought and a lot more expensive than we could afford. So we took the van home and worried all night about what we could afford to fix and what could go for a few more weeks/months. Remember I am due in 3 weeks and my doctor is an hour away. We have to have a running vehicle.

We then found out that there is a mechanic in our ward! Who knew? He came over and gave the list a look and then checked out the car. It turns out that there is one very small but very crucial piece of equipment that was not working, but it was having a ripple effect and causing lots of other things to not work right. Computer problem. Long story short we took it to the shop he used to work for and they got it fixed super quick and for about 1/4 of what was quoted us before. PHEW....I feel so much better.

The drama came with the driving around in the still unregistered geo with the missing tail light. Trying to buy all the school supplies that the girls needed to start school on Monday and not being able to find everything. I still need some crayola watercolors. And to top it all off, we realized Sunday night that we forgot to buy them any new shoes. Who does that? So my children are wearing flip flops and crocs to school this week. That would be fine except it was only 59 degrees when Ally left for school today and it is going to be just as cold as it was yesterday. Maybe 75 if we are lucky. Oh and since school started that means my husband also went back to work full time. One more thing...

Back to my week...So the day the van broke was the day before I was supposed to go to Pocatello (45 minutes away) for my weekly appointment. I did not make that one. I did reschedule for yesterday hoping some miracle would occur, but recruiting my sister to drive me down as a Plan B just in case. Normally it would not be a huge deal, but I go through labor at lightening speed and because I want to have a VBAC this time, I need to be in Pocatello before the real stuff starts.

We found out Monday afternoon that the van would be done first thing Tuesday morning, by 10. AWESOME! Perfect time for me to pick it up and make the drive for my appointment. I wish. We waited all morning for them to call. 10 comes and goes and still no phone call. I could not get a hold of Ryan because he was in class but I didn't have the number and didn't even know who it was to look it up to try to call them. By 10:15 I had called my Plan B and she was on her way to pick me up. Even though she has a major event to get ready for tomorrow, but she is still taking the time to drive me an hour away for a 20 minute appointment. Thanks Gertie! Best sister ever!

For some reason though, the stress hit me hard and I could not handle the uncertainty. I think I lost it for a few minutes that morning. Then for some reason I realized that I had not figured out what to do with Emma for 45 minutes while she waited for school to start. Luckily a super sweet neighbor was home and willing to let her come over and take her to school.

So here it the best part. While we are in Pocatello I get a text from Ryan. The van is done! Of course now it is. When he went in to pick it up this is what they say. "You know your van was done this morning right?" Ryan replies, "No we were waiting for a phone call and when I checked on the progress no one seemed to know what was going on. " Turns out the secretary is taking classes now so the "new girl" was there and is basically clueless. SERIOUSLY! Like I need one more stress in my life right now.

But we have the van. It works great. We drove to Blackfoot last night to help start cleaning out the booth to get ready for the fair and it ran great. Aahhh the fair. That is another story for another day. I will say though that how dare I get pregnant and be due during the fair? Not just me, my sister is due the week after me as well. Oh and my other sister just had twins!


Jill said...

Ah, Lish. I LOVE the play by play. And stress? I could write a novel right now. Not that anyone would want to read it, but hey? For watercolors, go to Ben Franklin. (On Broadway) That's where I ended up getting Parker's. Oh, and the shoes? I did it too. Flip flops for all. Parker did have one pair of shoes that we bought late in the year last year that were still pretty presentable that she wore today, but poor Pacie has some very squished piggies today. Off to the shoe store we go. Let me know what you need....I'm sure I can fit it into my schedule!

Us said...

STOP! You're making me nervous. What can I do? I love you - I mean it! Want me to come get the kids for a little bit? Want me to see if I have some hand-me-downs in the closets? Want me to make you a lasagna (and by that I mean "buy" you a lasagna?)
You can take my car anytime...anywhere! I am home by 3:00 every afternoon and I have no plans - just call me and I'll drive you around to your hearts content.
I am on for working at the fair and I'm super excited about it!
I love you - I love you - I love you. Call me if you need help, or want help (and even if you're trying to be me and I'll come)

Tim, Crista and Addy said...

OK, just read your post....sorry, tired now, must go to bed. :) J/K!!!

AHHH...the fair, I've never been! CRAZY, HUH? Good luck with the baby, miss you guys! :)

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