Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I am a Smith. I think I have mentioned this before. There seem to be a lot of Smiths in the world but as far as my family goes, this is about it. My Grandpa had one brother. My dad has one male cousin who died without children. My dad has no brothers. He only has 2 sons. So to us the name is rare. 5 girls used to make our Smith claim a large one, but we have all gotten married and taken on new Hunsaker, Lunt, Jorgensen, Hansen and Payne. So having a new addition to the Smith gang is a good thing. We pray she will be blessed with many sons!

Carson and Lindsey Smith

Scotty and Rachel Smith

Papa, Lindsey, Carson, Maga Smith

The Smiths + Spouses

The future of the Smiths


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