Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Clark is so cute. His personality cracks me up. Lately he has started making his cheese face smile anytime a camera is around. I love it. Binki or not, you can always count on the "cheese". His favorite thing right now is trains. He loves Thomas and whenever he is around a real train he gets super excited. He also enjoys a large truck. (insert rmm rmm noise here) He got mad the other morning when the garbage men turned the corner at the end of street. It was all I could do to stop him from running after it in his jammies.
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Jill said...

He is too cute for words.
Glad he didn't get taken away by child protective services the other day....(seriously, still think that was a total overreaction.....)

I love his cheesy smile. And how his pants were pulled up like Urkel's at Carson's wedding. Too funny.

Sandi said...

Those are so funny. What a personality.

Child protective services?

lisha said...

There was a misunderstanding at team pictures at the dance studio. He followed someone outside and a mom freaked out because she didn't know who's baby it was..."I was just about to call the police!"

Except if she really had "asked everyone" who it was she would have known because half the people there know him. It was silly.

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