Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luke Loves Soccer

Luke is a sportsman. He loves athletics. He wants to play every sport you can think of. It was hard for me to convince him to play soccer again this year because in his words "I already played that." Ryan played sports growing up, but did not have the passion for it like he did for other things...such as newspaper and yearbook. But the competitiveness is still there.

I played soccer a little but that's about it. Neither one of us could care less about sports now...unless we know someone playing. Even then it is not a big deal. I only know it is the NBA playoffs because I spent the weekend with my brother-in-laws. Go Jazz. To us the Superbowl is an excuse to have yummy food and spend time with friends and family.

Spring soccer started a couple weeks ago. His team has a great coach and they have already grown a lot as a team. They have not done super well as of yet, but tonight they won 7-0. He made a goal and Ryan caught it on video. He is in orange, #7 and is wearing navy blue pants and orange long sleeves.

Notice the not once, but twice reenactment of the goal and the competitive little move at the end of the video. He likes to win. It runs in the family.


alicia said...

I had to join when I saw that your name is Lisha. That's my nickname.

My son also does soccer and gets a bit competitive too.

How old is your son? So much more fun to watch at that age.

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