Saturday, May 8, 2010

Molly Mormon

My Favorite Moms- Day 6

This is Molly. (and Dane) She is my closest sister. We are 19 months apart in age, a year in school, shared a room almost our entire lives and even were roommates in college. You'd think we would be sick of each other. I love her. She is nothing like me and I mean that in a good way. We could not be more different. I love that we compliment each other though. Sure we fought about clothes and stupid things, but we got along really well for most of our lives.

When we were young we had a big bed that we both slept in. We would play under the covers at night when our parents told us to go to sleep. We jumped on the bed a lot too. In the winter we had super big snow drifts and we would climb out our window and slide down. We were in the same dance class when we were little. We had these red tutus with white lace and white fans. Class was in the neighbors basement.

Molly is way taller than me. Until 8th grade we were always about the same height. I was even taller some of the time. Once Jr. High hit, I stopped growing and she didn't. I am barely 5'3" and she is 5'9". She had curly hair growing up, mine was super straight. She is quiet and peaceful and enjoys to be on her own. I talk too much and caused a lot of conflict.

Molly is the peace maker in our family. Mostly she stayed out of any little battles we would have, but when she had something to say it was always to try and diffuse the situation. To help it be better and not worse. It is a great trait to have. It's a rare person who can set personal feelings aside to try to make things better for someone else.

Everything I did in life Molly was a part of. We were not super tight friends like Ashley and Gretchen, but we were so close in age that we were always doing the same things at the same time. We were in the same Young Women and Sunday School classes for a few months when our birthdays would over lap. It was fun because we are not very competitive and we cared about different things.

When we went to college, Molly moved in next door to me so we could be close. It worked out that we were in separate wards so we had completely different friends, but it was fun to be right next door. We had dinner together every so often and worked together on campus. When things would get tough, it was nice to have someone right there. She danced with Contemporary Dance Theater (CDT) while we were there and I went to every performance. She is amazing to watch. She loves the human body and the way it moves. She studied dance in college and got her Masters Degree in Integrated Movement. It is fun though because if ever something doesn't feel quite right, she always knows a stretch or a position to make it feel better.

When we decided to room together we were both super nervous about it. I can honestly say though that the only time we even disagreed on something was the one week our dad let us have a car to share. It sounds silly now, but I think we were both so aware of the possibility for fighting that neither of us ever let the other one bug her.

Molly is kind and loving and a wonderful example of compassion. She makes me feel like I want to be a better person when I am with her. She is genuine about her thoughts and feelings and it is refreshing to be with someone like that.

Molly's little boy is brilliant. He is sweet and loving just like her. He has the smartest observations. Her little girl is the baby of the family right now and she is so much fun to watch grow. Her smile lights up the room!

Molly is a huge part of my life. We are connected in a way I can't describe. It has no words. I feel peace when she is around. Like I found a little piece of my life I didn't realize was missing. I love to be around her. I love to hear her bizarre stories. She is the first person I saw in the morning for half my life . I love that we are still close. It makes me happy to know she is such a great friend. I love her lots and lots!


Darci said...

I've been reading your posts all week. How blessed you are to have such wonderful women in your life. Makes me a little jealous I don't have a sister!

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