Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey. This is Ryan. Here are a few "nuggets" (pun intended) from the children recently:

Luke: "Dad, I'm bored. I don't like Sundays. Sundays are boring." I didn't respond, so he looked at me and said, "Well, I'm going out to tramp on the tramp." Love that saying. Unfortunately, I envision him bouncing on some poor hobo's tummy by the train tracks.

Ally: She flew into a little rage this morning as we picked her up from Ballet Camp and took her to breakfast. She had been moaning about how hungry she was and then went quiet. Suddenly, she yelled, "I'm hungry!"

We both looked around and said, "We know, honey. We're getting something for you right across the street!"

"No," she replied. "This two are looking at me like I'm gross."

It was true; Luke and Emma had this disgusted look on their faces. "They're looking at me because I'm hungry and I'm eating my boogers. That's how hungry I am."

Lish turned and said, "Now I'm looking at you like you're gross."

"Wow, you must be hungry all the time," I added. That earned me a punch in the arm. I steadied myself for one more and said, "This is definitely a story that will be told to your boyfriend someday." Whap.

Emma: As we walked into the restaurant this morning, I glanced over at Emma and whispered, "Try not to barf today, OK?"

She nodded, but when the waitress (who got fired today, I'm pretty sure) brought our water, her lid wasn't on tight. "Um, Mom?" she started.

I looked at Lisha and said, "Something bad is going to happen." Sure enough, Emma tried to use her one hand to tighten the lid and spilled her water all over the table. The poor waitress was so slammed, she didn't pay any attention to us the entire time we were there, plus we didn't get our food for about 45 minutes. They ended up comping a portion of our meal and apologizing. Lisha had left to get to work on time and the manager was concerned. "Tell your wife I'm sorry," he said.

"Oh, we understand. The poor lady was slammed, that's all."

"Well, she's done."


I am trying to convince myself it wasn't us who got her fired.


Sandi said...

Yuck, Ally!!!!

hansryan said...

POST SCRIPT: This is Lisha...
the waitress sucked before today I found out. I think we were the straw that broke the back so to speak. The managers wife works with me. How random is that?

CindyKinser said...

I'm beginning to think you should stay out of public places ha ha

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