Monday, August 3, 2009

Emma's falling apart

Hey. This is Ryan. Emma lost a tooth in the middle of the Walmart Automotive Department. Actually, I pulled it out. Actually, I yanked it out while holding her in a headlock.

It was just floppin' there, so I told her I could get it out for her. If you know Emma, she's kind of a spazzy freak when she has something wrong with her. She won't hold still when getting her nose blown, she squirms when she's getting a bandaid, etc. So, this wasn't much different. Except I'm pretty sure if there had been someone other than the two greasy guys next to me buying hubcaps, I'd be dealing with Child Protective Services right now. It looked worse than it really was.

But, mission accomplished. Tooth is out, Tooth Fairy has been notified and hopefully she won't sleep through her mission and forget Emma. Now, if she would just let me get to the loose tooth next to her missing tooth!


hansryan said...

UPDATE: The Tooth Fairy passed over us (probably because she FELL ASLEEP or something). Don't worry, she came during the day when we were at the pool, etc. Emma was so excited for her dollar, she promptly pulled the tooth right next to the missing one out. Yes, you read that right. It was a little loose, but she wanted the cash! So, the Tooth Fairy made consecutive stops at the Hansen household on the same day!

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