Monday, August 3, 2009

Clark is 11 months old!

Hey. This is Ryan. Oh, our little Clarkus! We love him so much. The poor kid endures being poked, prodded, dressed up, wiped, rolled around like a Roly Poly - and that's just by Lish and I. Imagine what the kids do.

Here is a Top 11 Things I love about Clark:

11. I love the way he eats the scraps from under the table. Less sweeping and feeding. Two birds, one stone.

10. I love that he's in "Discovery Mode." His motto: "Leave no trash can unturned."

9. I love his reaction when he sees his brother and sisters. He gets all bouncy and starts grunting.

8. I love the way he talks. He grunts primarily. For example, he sees "Aaah, aaah, oooooh" for "peek a boo" and chimpanzee shrieks when he's hungry.

7. I love his overconfidence in his ability to chew. He doesn't really chew and his two snaggle teet are primarily used for ripping and tearing. I do the "finger sweep" about five times a day.

6. I love every person's reaction when they see him: "He looks just like his Daddy. Except with more hair." I can't tell if they're insulting him or me.

5. I love the way he says, "Dadada" when he's happy and "Mommah" when he's upset.

4. I love how fast he crawls. The kid is a speed demon on four legs.

3. I love his name. Yes, it is for Clark Kent. Let's just admit it. And Luke is named after Luke Skywalker. Get over it. But when my kids are in the news for saving lives and defeating evil warlords, you'll say, "Luke and Clark? Aptly named, aptly named."

2. I love his ability to clear a room with his "Diaper Alert System." Trust me, that kid lets you know when he needs a changin'.

1. Finally, I love Clark. It's hard to think our baby is getting so big. I miss baby things, I really do. But, I'm pretty sure he's our last, so we need to savor every second of our Baby Clarky.

Here are some other milestones, just for posterity and not to make you laugh: He's getting more and more confident when it comes to standing. He has stood for about two minutes on his own before finally falling on his bum.

He knows when Lish is going to work. He recognizes the white shirt, black pants, etc. and starts whining immediately. He is eating more and more on his own and less milk. He empties whatever he can find. Recent discoveries include the DVD drawer, the waste baskets, the pan cupboard, etc.

He also gives kisses. These are Hollywood, open-mouthed, full-on, lickery (as the kid on "Goonies" says) tongue kisses. Pretty gross, but sweet at the same time, too. He does this when we make kissing sounds.

He can "walk" when someone holds his hands.

I think that's about it. We love our little baby so much. Here's to more milestones just around the corner.


Sandi said...

Hooray for naming your children after fictional characters!

hansryan said...

ask Sandi about her kids' names. Go on ask...

Darci said...

I love the way you say things. It just totally cracks me up. I am sure life would be toooooo interesting if I were married to you. Kinda like marrying Dee.......

Shanakin Skywalker said...

Way to go Clark! If you've made it this far you'll be just fine. At least lisha get's a "mama" when there's something wrong. Sarah is almost two and still only says "daddy." She get's all excited when she sees me and yealls, "Daddy!!" It's so insulting.

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