Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

Hey. This is Ryan. Have you seen that Staples commercial with the dad zipping around on the shopping cart while his children trudge behind in realization that school will be starting? I am a combination of the dad and the children. While I enjoyed my summer, I'm anxious to get back to work. Paying work. Because being a mom is work. Don't let anybody tell you differently!

I'm of mixed emotions because I won't be around Clark full-time anymore. Like Lish said, the kids have definitely grown this summer and it's been fun to witness it. Clark and I are pretty tight, I guess. Last night, even though Lish was home, he laid on my chest and fell asleep while we watched a movie. I know I can still have that, but he's dependent on me a little more. I guess I'll have to hug him right when I get home.

I've also enjoyed being around the older kids. Darn right I let Ally babysit for short bursts of time and about once a week. Clark was asleep, Luke was playing Wii, so I figured she could handle it. She did really well. We're starting to see her as a more mature child. I think she knows we trust her more and responds to that in a positive manner. (Plus, our neighbor two houses down checks in every once in a while, so she's not completely alone.)

Emma has learned to do so much left-handed. It's been good for her. She's done things without Ally's approval, too. Her independence has doubled this summer.

And Luke is an athlete. His soccer practice yesterday amazed me as well as the coaches. He did not stop running the length of the field and made two "scores." As we walked back to the car, he said, "Dad, I only made two scores. I'm pretty bad at soccer, I guess."

I had to tell him that two scores in soccer was great! Sometimes teams never made one score.

So, for the other part of my mixed emotions ... while I am sad I won't be as near to my children as the summer, the other part of me welcomes the escape. When it came time for me to leave, I think I shouted, "Byeeee," as I skipped down the sidewalk to the car. I dragged a little on the return trip from school after nearly eight hours of meetings. It was good seeing the kids after talking about the kids at high school and all their special needs.
Well, dear readers, I'll check in occasionally. I always have a story or two from my school day, so look forward to that. I also have many mission stories to tell you now that I've recovered my journal.

Have a great fall.


Shanakin Skywalker said...

So, You never answered my question about what you teach. Do tell.

Darci said...

Thanks for the laughs! I will miss the way you tell a story: write, edit, repeat! Then its perfect. Hope all is well at school.

hansryan said...

I teach Yearbook, Newspaper and Speech at Idaho Falls High School. You know, the fun classes. I will also teach a trimester (the last one) of photography. I am excited to start up again. My kids seem to be more anxious to do things on their own as in the past.

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