Saturday, September 26, 2009

You want cute? I'll give you cute!

Hey. This is Ryan. Life must be on the move since we have barely posted this month. Sorry about that y'all.

Yesterday was Lisha's grandma's funeral. I'm sure she'll talk about that more later. But I was asked to take photos, so I did as I was asked. I "borrowed" the D90 from school and shot some pics of the interment as well as extended family. We left our oldest kids in Pocatello with some friends and Lisha's other grandma. It gave us time to be alone together and let Lisha reminisce a little about her Grandma Smith.

I thought I'd just reiterate my belief that we will see our loved ones again. We have to, in my mind. When Mom died, it was too hard. The thing that got me through the hours, days, weeks, whatever was the belief that she was not truly gone. I have felt her with me more throughout my life than not, if that makes sense. I know she is watching over my brothers' and my families and guiding us. Even if you don't believe there's an after life, it's OK to let me believe there is. Because I need to believe. You can feel sad that I'm delusional and I'll feel sad that you have no hope or promise in life. Deal?

So, here's the main thesis of this post - our cute Clarkus. Clark is getting so fun. He has the cutest smile and I love when we put on music, he shakes his butt as he crawls. I thought I would put the pics of him from yesterday and everyone can just "oooo" and "awww." We do. Every day. Clark is our awesome little baby.

Oh! I almost forgot! My awesome friend from Pocatello took me to the Huey Lewis and the News concert during the fair this year. I even got to go backstage and meet him. You need to understand that my buddy from high school and I were real Huey nerds. We had all the tapes. I listened to the tapes until they wore out during middle and high school. It was great to meet him, but I was so starstruck, I didn't say much except, "I have been listening to your music since I was little." I'm sure that must have struck some nerve because he shook my hand, smiled through gritted teeth and said, "Well, thanks." Then the guy took our picture. That was it. So here is the pic of that, too.


Shalah said...

Yes, Clark is the cutest! But Lisha, I am so sorry about your Grandma Smith. My heart goes out to you.

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