Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today is my Birthday Shout Hooray!


I can't believe it either.

I am a tad bit sad about no longer having a tiny baby around, but a little excited that my family feels complete. It is hard to know for sure but we think we are done. So today on the day after my babys FIRST birthday, I reflect on a few LASTS.

I have been pregnant for the LAST time. I had simple pregnancies and never got sick. I know you hate me right now, that is why I don't talk much about it. Labor is a breeze for me too. I think Ally was my longest at just over 4 hours. Please control the urge to want to spit on me.

I have bought my LAST baby Beecee. (In our family that is what the favorite blanket is called.)

Never again will I bring a tiny baby home from the hospital with me.

I have had my LAST days of having a baby who stays put and does not trash my house.

I no longer need to haul around a baby car seat everywhere I go--sometimes I still do, but I don't need too.

I have purchased my LAST baby bottle. I never use them much but I don't need them at all anymore.

I no longer need to refer to my children's ages in months. "He is 1". *sigh*

I fear I have had my LAST snuggle bug sleep on my chest. I think I will miss this one most. When they are so little and all balled up like a little pill sweet.

I have had my LAST monthly blog update on his growth progress. I could technically still do it, but they kind of slow down on the growth and don't change as dramatically.

I love my baby boy and he will always be MY baby even though he won't be a small baby for very much longer.

On to the walking, talking, etc...


Sandi said...

Oh, so sad and sweet! (And disgusting! Four hours?!!) But don't say good-bye to snugglebugs forever. There's always grandchildren!

sunnie said...

I don't believe you are done.

Susan said...

I think that has got to be a bitter sweet moment, but now you are just in another phase of momhood.
He is such a cutie, I think that he and Evan would be good friends. LOL!

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