Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a bird...It's a's

a hat?

No it's SUPERMAN. And BATMAN. And ROBIN. Wait...its the comic book lovers dream theme park. Disneyland is to Mickey Mouse as Six Flags is to Superman. So in Ryan world it is also the happiest place on earth.

Nope not Ryan. It's Lish today. I wanted you to all know that today (the 29th) is Ryan's birthday! He is currently asleep in Trent's car driving home to Trent's house after a long day of fun and queasiness at Six Flags, topped off by a delicious burger animal style and a boat load of fries at In-N-Out.
He did send me a few texts through out the day. Some with pics. These came after a conversation that went a little like this.
RY: It's hot! I slathered on the sunscreen, but I can already tell I am going to fry!
ME: Buy a hat.
RY: Oh yea. Duh.
ME: Get a Superman one.

I think he did a good job choosing.
Another favorite convo today went like this.
RY: This place is awesome. I love you so much! Thank you again.
ME: I am glad you are having fun. Happy Birthday baby!
RY: Tell Luke I just saw ROBIN! (he is Luke's fav by the way)
Did I mention that I sent him to Cali to spend his birthday with his brothers and dad for his gift this year? It originally started out as "hey would you like to go to Disneyland for free on your birthday? I will buy you a ticket and you can go see Trent." But Trent being who he is responded with "We may as well make it worth the effort and go somewhere that has fun rides. Lets do Six Flags."
Nick and Adam and Dad all decided to join him too. Only Adam stayed home to watch the birth of child number two instead.
Here is another fav.
RY: I have time to talk. Dad and I are taking a break while Nick and Trent ride a ride.
ME: Oh yeah? Did you yak?
RY: Almost. Mostly I am just tired. Dad is too.

And the most recent text went something like this.
RY: Now I know why I love ketchup. Check out the corner of this pic.


Shelley~Maren said...

That's a lot of ketchup. Very cool hat. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

What a fun time! Lisha Is the coolest wife! So Ry you want to be the coolest husband? Lish, let's make a plan!

Sandi said...

Very fun!

Brenda said...

Thanks for giving me this link! I will be checking this often. And BTW hows the garden? On your other blog you were just planting it.

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