Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bad Dad in the House

Hey. This is Ryan. It's been a while and as one of our friends pointed out, my farm in Farm Town looks good so I'm obviously online. Why haven't I posted? Because I'm tired as of late and it doesn't take brain cells to plant digital grapes and harvest fake potatoes at 11 p.m. That's why.

Well, I'm posting now, so here's the deal:

Apparently I'm a good dad now. That is, according to Luke's philosophy on life. You see, the other day I was walking through the front room, doing a different kind of harvest - half-peed underpants, Crocs and soggy swimsuits. Those things tend to crop up whenever I cave to their pleadings of setting up the Slip 'n' Slide in the backyard. I can usually follow the trail 20 minutes later to the front room where they sit with their naked butts on the couch, draped in damp towels and watching Backyardigans for the 3,000th time.

As I gathered my next laundry load, Luke asked if he could have a Popsicle. I have given up on telling them "no" all day long, so I mumbled, "Sure," and went back to picking up pee pants.

"Yay," he cried as he raced for the freezer. He stopped to give me a hug and with a grateful look said, "You're a Good Dad now."

"Oh?" I replied. "I wasn't a Good Dad yesterday?"

"No," he said. "You were a Bad Dad yesterday."

I thought about all I had done that day in comparison with the day before to earn the new title of "Good Dad." Did it come with a medal or a trophy? That would be cool.

"Why am I Good Dad today and not yesterday?" I asked.

"Because you didn't say 'no' to me." And he bounded off to get his grape Otter Pop.

So that's all it takes. Good to know. I might say "yes" more often. But only if I get that medal.


Anonymous said...

YES for otter pops! I swear that somewhere on the box it says, "If you want your kids to love you, buy these." I can mend any broken heart or frown at our house with those frozen things!


Shanakin Skywalker said...

I've always been told that the adage goes, "if they hate you, you're doing something right." no?a

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