Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cast away

Hey. This is Ryan. Emma got her cast yesterday and the only thing that really redeemed the doctor was that it is bright pink.

Apparently, after another round of x-rays, the doctor had to re-set the bone so that it would heal correctly. Not good. There was a lot of tears and fortunately I wasn't there to see them. Lish and I prefer the divide and conquer approach when it comes to doctor's appointments, Wal-Mart trips, baths, church ... In fact, this is our formation on the pew at church:

The X's represent children and the O's represent parents. (Notice Clark is strategically place on a parent's lap, usually Lisha's, and away from Tyrannosaurus Emma to avoid unecessary screaming.)

We arrived from Target just in time to see the aftermath of The Trauma, Part II. Poor little Emma was not in a good mood and I considered giving her the prescription of Baby Vicadin. She settled for Children's Tylenol and realized that the cast was actually a good thing, blocking any unwanted poking from her siblings. It's just hard for her to move the arm up and down.

Another bit of good news is that she will only have the cast on for four weeks. Medicine has come a long way since we were kids and this was the benefit.

Although another painful crying fit while trying to bathe her happened today, she quickly recovered and bounded off to play with friends.


Jill said...

Poor little Emma. I'm sure she will soon begin to use her cast to the full effect-indeed blocking and maybe harming the others. Staving off...you know. The usual.

:) Have a fun birthday. Best wife ever, indeed.

And I didn't know our birthday's were so close...mine's next week.

Sandi said...

Four weeks? That's cake! Really stinks about the resetting, though. Go Pink!

Susan said...

Hope it heals nicely and that there aren't any further instances requiring the emergency room this summer. It is nice to know a good doctor though.

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