Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nice Tweet!!

I am on Twitter. You can follow me @lishajeanne if you really want to. Except what is the point? Someone explained it like this.

"It's like updating your status on Facebook all day long, but you get the notification instantly if you want it."

Admittedly, I can see how this could be useful.
For example, one of my good friends is a "higher up" at ISU. (Didn't know I was so well connected did ya?) Yesterday, he met with all the other "higher ups" to discuss the budget cuts/staff cuts/tuition and fee increases, etc. they are going to have to be making this year. Normally this is information, while good to know, not to useful in my life. But pretend I have a sister who is one of the aforementioned staff members and wants to know if her job is in jeopardy. Thanks to Twitter, we knew INSTANTLY that yes, in fact it is. This is an effective use of the Tweet.

I have another friend from college who lives far, far away. He Tweets all day about random things. Yes, he includes his job updates, but he also sends cool info he finds on the Internet, with links to the story. One really useful thing he recently tweeted about was General Conference. All day Saturday he kept sending updates on topics, quotes from the speakers, etc. At first I was getting a little annoyed with it because I was in the middle of a dance competition, but then I realized "this is great because I am in the middle of a dance competition and have no way to listen to the talks." Another very effective use of the Tweet.

My brother the architect is also fond of the sending of random Internet finds. He likes to send pictures and articles about cool buildings. He is also a DJ over at blip.fm and sends lots of new songs to listen to.

What does a SAHM have to Tweet about? I have asked myself this quite a few times over the past couple weeks. Mine have looked like this lately.

"bathing the boys"

"updating the blog"

"going to buy milk...love the grocery store"

But anything interesting I am doing, people would be grossed out by.
"changing a poopy diaper"
"mopping the bathroom floor...toilet over flowed AGAIN!"
"changing sheets from another 'accident' during the night."
Do people really care about what I am really doing? I guess it gives my friends in the worlds of academia and corporate America something to grin about. Every so often I do get a little reply back about how much fun I must be having, or how I got involved in something like that. (referring to the cooking class I taught to the kids at Ally's school during After School Enrichment)

So in an effort to be a better Tweeter, I found this article. I think I need to rethink what I do send in my updates. Or maybe just rethink Tweeting at all. I feel like I am a better follower than a Tweeter when it comes to this new form of "social networking."

What do you think? Do you Tweet? If so, who do you follow? What do you pay attention to when Tweets hit your home page/TweetDeck/text? How has Twitter become valuable in your life?

Side Note: If you are following me, I will be sending an insane amount of tweets this week...Ry and I are trying an experiment. So if they seem dull and everyday to you, they are. Just turn my notifications off for a while.
Random Fact: I had more followers and was using Twitter before Ryan. I am just saying.


Amanda Gibson said...

I don't tweet. I am barely part of the facebook "revolution", for that matter. I can never think of anything interesting to say.......so I just don't say anything at all. Unless it's on my blog. On my blog I share all sorts of useless information!

Sandi said...

Off topic, but you should take that survey I mentioned in Sandi's Savings on my blog to see if you qualify for the $150 grocery study. I would do it, but you have to have a kid at least 6 years old.

Amber M said...

Thanks for the help in explaining this tweeter thing. It scares me quite frankly. Hope everything else is going good in your lives. How did the emergency kits go?

Beaker said...

I finally strted blogging last year, just recently got on face book (still trying to figure THAT one out) and now theres Twitter? I may NEVER get off my computer!

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