Monday, April 13, 2009

The Search for Peeps

You may have heard me mention before that holidays have grown to a new level in the Smith family. We no longer are able to celebrate ANYTHING on just one day. It seems to spill over into at least 2 or 3, sometimes more.

Having said that, here is a recap of our Easter weekend (and then some.)

We dyed eggs on Wednesday, giving the kids plenty of time to play in the dye. The newspaper that draped the table wasn't even too wet when they finished. One benefit to growing children is their ability to keep things cleaner as they age. I kinda like it.

Friday was Ila's birthday party. Complete with a Princess Tea Party and a visit from Cinderella herself. I missed the party, but I did make the cake and sent it to Poky with Gertie and the girls for the party.

Later that evening we met for our first barbeque of the season. The day was beautiful, we almost got out the picnic tables...almost.

Following the delicious meal, Maga taught a fun yet spiritual lesson on why we have the holiday. The fact that Jesus was crucified was not lost on Emma and she worried about it for quite some time.

"Why did they kill Jesus Maga?" her worried little mind could not understand no matter how many times it was explained.
After the good news of the ressurection was passed to the younger generation, we went outside for the Annual Smith Family Easter Egg Hunt.

Peeps were hidden among the loot, but Emma searched in vain. "Maybe you will find some later." was the voice of comfort.

Ally found the Golden Egg. In other hunts this may be attached to a great prize, but not here. Here the fun is in the finding. Everyone searches. But only one person can find it. They jump up and down and get all excited. They only thing they win is bragging rights. Then they give it back to be hidden next year.

Saturday morning we joined other members of our ward at a friends house for another egg hunt. The kids enjoyed swapping prizes at the end. Second basket of candy. Check. Peeps were no where to be seen.

After 3 hunts, we had lots of eggs to play in and Clark took advantage.

On Sunday morning, the kids had to search for the baskets from the Bunny himself. After a little frustration and no reward they were "prompted" to check in the back yard. Under bushes and behind fences, baskets were finally found. Coloring books, picture books and goggles were found amongst the candy. The Peeps from Mom and Dad were presented as well. Emma's were gone before breakfast. Success!

Luke was so proud to wear his pink tie "cuz it is a Easter color."

Side Note: Emma woke this Monday morning complaining of an upset stomach. Too much candy and peeps. We warned her not to eat so much. But at least now the temptation is gone.


Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable! Can you tell me how to follow your blog. I do not see the link.

lisha said...

I guess I didn't have the following thing up. I put it back on for you. Sorry about that.

I think they are kinda cute myself. Thanks!

sunnie said...

You did such a great job on the Cinderella cake!

Sandi said...

I love the blue lips! I also REALLY love that cake. I made a cake on Friday for my bro's birthday the next day. I spent 3 hours decorating it, but it would have to bow in shame to your masterpiece. How long did it take you?

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