Monday, April 27, 2009

I feel like I am moving away

After 18 years of speculation and discussions, the Idaho Falls 22nd Ward no longer exists. If my sister had not moved away last year, I would now be in her ward. Too little too late. Our bishop had been eluding to the changes for several months now. Talking about getting our numbers up or they may get rid of the ward altogether and so forth. No one thought it was much more than idle threats. They certainly showed us.

You can read about the changes more in detail here.

The kids will get to be in primary with more friends from school. As will I get to be with some of my PTO friends in church. The boundary line was moved west a block and a half. The hard part about changing wards is leaving behind a group of friends and neighbors that we are just now starting to feel a part of. Ryan took it a lot harder than I did, but I feel a little less rooted there than he does. My friends are switching with me. His are not.

The calling issue is interesting. The ward we are leaving merged with another ward so they have 2 of everything already called. We are joining a fully functioning program already in progress. This leaves us kind of on the outs. I did meet several "influential" people that will help decide our collective fate in the new ward. RS Pres. Primary Pres. The bishop asked us some interesting questions. I may have inadvertently gotten Ryan involved in scouting--completely unintentionally I assure you.

Next week we have stake conference so it will feel like nothing has changed. After that we move to the new building--almost a mile away instead of 2 blocks. No more walking to church for us.

Now instead of focusing our thoughts of friends, neighbors, etc. westward, we will be facing east.

It is interesting to me how one little line can change everything so much.


Sandi said...

I know!

Jenn Walker said...

So, the exact opposite happens with us. Last year we had 700+ people in our ward and another ward had similar. So they split the 2 and formed the 16th ward. Unfortunately, though not much changed for our ward, almost all of my friends went to the 16th. Though I miss them, it has allowed me to get to know the people "closer" to me. Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck with your new ward.

Susan said...

It is hard to change wards, especially when you haven't moved. This happened when we were in AZ, it was a little bit hard at first, but overall it was a VERY GOOD thing. I am sure that the ward that you are now attending are very happy to have some new people to help out with all of the callings and I bet that they have a bunch of openings and you will be snatched up for some fun service before you know it. I love keeping up with you too! love you!

Bonnie Young said...

Hey you,
This very thing happened to us to about 2 years ago. Something to keep in mind, and I know you won't have a problem with this, is just be friendly and open. A lot of the women in our combined ward felt shunned or not wanted, when a lot of it was that they didn't put any effort into getting to know the new people either (this was for both wards). But once everyone started to mingle things worked out. Our ward now does a pot-luck dinner once a month and it's amazing to see how many come. After 2 years it finally feels like a ward. I bet at your stake meeting you'll see some more changes too. Good luck with everything! How's the gym?

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