Monday, December 1, 2008

Holding Pattern

Why is it that everything delicious about Thanksgiving dinner is a starch? Stuffing, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, even gravy is made with flour. As you may or may not remember, I joined LA Weight Loss. Things are going along pretty well. I am stuck in a holding pattern these last few weigh ins right around the 200 lb. mark. I cannot seem to get below it. I need something great to happen to push me over that edge. Thanksgiving was NOT it. The way the diet works is by counting servings in each food group. I am allowed 5 starches per day. On a normal day I do ok. Every once in a while I eat a turkey burger with no bun, but I mostly can eat the food I do normally with little adjustment. Not on Thanksgiving. I made it a point to NOT eat one single starch until THE MEAL. I was not even able to eat everything on the table without going over 5. I skipped the yams. I love them, but I couldn't do it. I must admit, I did have a piece of pie which is not on my meal plan, but like I was taught, it is ONE day. 

Sticking to that ONE day mentality is getting more difficult though. Christmas goodies are starting to pop up. I enjoy making them too. I need some serious motivation right now. My birthday is coming too and I would love nothing more than to drop Below that horrible spot on the scale. Any great ideas? I am open to anything right now. The worst thing would be for me to gain weight. I would not be able to handle that I am afraid.


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